Examples of Torture and Ill-treatment of the Military Personnel

To visualize what has happened so far; Amnesty International, whose members are also detained in Turkey, informed that it has credible reports that Turkish police in Ankara and Istanbul are holding detainees in stress positions up to 48 hours, denying them food, water, and medical treatment, and verbally abusing and threatening them. In the worst…

The Collapse of Rule of Law in Turkey

According to an official announcement by the Turkish Military, a total of 8,651 military personnel,[1] including a few generals and admirals, were directly involved in the 15 July events. Almost half of these people were conscripts. During that night, most of them strongly believed that they were summoned for duty through official channels due to…

A Letter to UNCHR on Persistent Torture and Ill-treatment in Turkey

I would like to draw your attention to the ongoing human tragedy in Turkey, focusing on the military personnel and their families. Immediately after the events, the pro-Erdogan media claimed that the Turkish military officers abroad, together with NATO and the EU authorities, had planned and directed the ‘coup’ from a distance. Like thousands of…

Who killed Erol Olcok and Son?

Erdogan’s Election Campaign Manager and Communication Advisor Erol Olcok and his son were killed on 15 July at the Bosphorus Bridge. Erdoganist media had claimed that Olcok was shot killed by the soldiers holding the bridge. Yet newly unveiled autopsy suggests otherwise. Click the link for the full text. Who killed Erol Olcok and son?

SADAT – Erdogan’s Private Army

A striking analysis on Erdogan’s private army, SADAT. The unsupervised, uncontrolled, unaudited paramilitary company, operating under no regulation to serve Erdogan’s covert agenda in and out of the country. Click the link for the full text. SADAT – Erdogan’s Private Army 2017

SADAT – Erdoğan’ın Özel Ordusu

Erdoğan’ın özel ordusu SADAT üzerine çarpıcı bir analiz. Kasıtlı olarak yasal ve idari gözetimin dışında tutulan SADAT, geniş ve belirsiz görev tanımı ile Erdoğan’ın yurt içi ve dışındaki örtülü amaçları için rahatlıkla kullanılabiliyor. Tam metin için bağlantıyı tıklayınız. SADAT – Erdoğan’ın Özel Ordusu 2017

Kin Liability

Erdogan recently picked a fight[1] with Germany over the refusal of party rallies for upcoming referendum, which will grant him sweeping powers over all branches of government. The move is a well-practiced one, as Erdogan regularly demonized internal or external groups or states before elections, increasing polarization in the society. However, as Erdogan blames Germany…