Erdogan’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps



SADAT (International Defense Consultant Firm) is a Turkish based, private defense consulting company, which was founded on 28th of February 2012. It is the single defense company in Turkey, for international consultancy on defense and military education. The company was founded by 23 retired armed forces officers and NCOs. The vision of the company as it is written at the company’s own web-site follows  as: (

“SADAT aims at establishing the cooperation among Islamic countries in the sense of military and defence industries, in order to assist the Islamic World to take the rank it deserves among the Super Global Powers as a self-sufficient military power, by submitting them the services regarding the organization of Armed Forces, defence consultancy, military training and ordnance.We also aim to provide training on conventional warfare as well as special operations.”

 Who is the founder of SADAT?

The founder of the company is Adnan Tanrıverdi who is a retired one-star Army general. He was retired from Turkish Army in 1996 while he was the J head of Military Health Services in Turkish General Staff. He was forced to retire allegedly having an anti-secular, radical Islamic mindset and practices. During his military service, he had worked as a military planner at Special Ops Department at TUR General Staff. After his retirement, he was a columnist at Turkish Akit, who is widely known as a radical-İslamist newspaper. Between 2012 and 2016 he was the director of SADAT, just after the coup attempt, he was assigned by Erdoğan himself as his top military adviser.

Some Key Issues about  SADAT

  • SADAT had received lots of skepticism for its getting full support of AKP from the very outset of its foundation. There were some well-founded discussions at the media that SADAT is meant to be AKP’s “revolutionary guards” as it is the same in Iran. It was even circulated at the anti-AKP Turkish Media that SADAT is an illegal formation under legal disguise on the orders of Erdoğan in 2012.
  • It was allegedly claimed that SADAT has been training a secret armed organization to serve as an alternative army to Turkish Security Forces (TSK) and carry out bloody attacks on the orders of Erdoğan. As a quote from a famous whistleblower, Fuat Avni, who had a credible record of uncovering corruption and irregularities rampant among the government officials and claims to be in the inner circle of President Erdoğan told that “People and organizations that speak out against the Erdogan will not only be tried but will also be targeted by this secret armed organization,”, regarding the alleged organization as a building stone for a possible civil war in Turkey.
  • The repressive regime of Erdogan has been secretly building SADAT as a paramilitary force with the help of retired Islamist and neo-nationalist generals since 2011 using Libyan and Syrian theatres for drills. The staged coup attempt on July 15 gave Erdogan a fresh mandate to turn over the helm of the NATO alliance’s second largest army to this paramilitary group, with many distinguished officers including four-star generals purged without due process or investigation and replaced with partisans.
  • SADAT was accused of once training ISIS members but stopped when Western Intelligence organizations found out about it. There are numerous well-founded claims at Turkish leftist media that SADAT trains teenagers from the youth branch of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Osmanlı Ocakları (Ottoman Organization) – a movement whose members are open supporters of Erdoğan – as triggermen to stage bloody attacks in Turkey and abroad.
  • The Russian Report to United Nations about Erdogan’s support for ISIS, which was submitted to UN Security Council and later taken back again by Russia, was referring to SADAT many times as a tool of Erdogan to conduct covert ops both inside Turkey and also in Syria.

  • A company document dated July 25, 2015 shows Sadat hired Samih Ghasham, the owner and general manager of the Ocean Gate Group, as a contractor to operate in the MENA & Gulf regions as a liaison for Sadat. Posted photos indicate Tanrıverdi is a frequent visitor to Libya, meeting with Libyan generals and Turkish Embassy officials. A Saudi Arabian link to Sadat is provided by a retired colonel named Ghazi Al-Harbi.
  • Before the coup attempt and also after the coup attempt, the members (of two opposition parties at Turkish Parliament had officially requested inquiries from the government for the activities of SADAT, each time the authorities provided no answer. This clearly shows that SADAT is an illegal company which is well supported by the current government as a secret armed force which is responsive to AKP’s needs.
  • Some radical organizations that SADAT are allegedly linked with are mentioned in open sources. The Russian Report to UN also indicates that SADAT is closely linked with Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) to find warriors for ISIS. ( )
  • Erdogan orchestrated a change that went largely unnoticed amid massive purges that have so far amounted over 100,000 from the military and branches of government. The change was buried in a government decree dated Oct. 31, 2016 that included a long list of dismissals and many changes. It said, “retired officers and noncommissioned officers are tasked with involvement in the recruitment of military personnel and cadets to the Turkish Armed Forces until 2020.” This critical change effectively gives the entire personnel policy of the Turkish army to SADAT’s director, Tanrıverdi. He is the point man who will reshape NATO’s largest army after the US by steering recruitment policy until 2020. Tanrıverdi is known for his Islamist ideology and has counseled Erdoğan for years although in an unofficial capacity.
  • The Syrian operation by Turkey-backed rebels is effectively run by SADAT, whose headquarters are now located in Erdoğan’s palace. The orders and targeting are provided to the Turkish military by Sadat people, who have only one vested interest, which is to help Erdoğan fulfill his caliphate-style ambitions in the region. Even if the top brass may be unwilling to proceed on some of Erdoğan’s orders, that would not matter much given the fact that Erdoğan has already placed loyalists in field command positions to bypass the chain of command.
  • If Erdoğan’s vision succeeds, NATO’s second largest army will soon turn into an Islamist bastion that will breed religious zealots just like the Grand Ayatollah’s Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). This is a clear and present danger to the NATO military alliance.

How is SADAT linked with the coup attempt on15 July 2016?

  • There is vast evidence at the social media (especially twitter and facebook) that at the night of the coup the members of SADAT, fully equipped with weaponry, was pre-organized before the beginning time of the coup, and had just poured to the streets of Istanbul and Ankara embedded with the regular protestors. Some members of SADAT and Ottoman Organization had uploaded their bloody photos and videos as they were either killing wildly the troops on the streets or splashing out bullets on the protesters without even noticing them if being as coup attempters or protestors.
  • SADAT was reportedly involved in the orchestrated coup attempt of July 15, and its militants were the ones who shot civilians on the streets rather than enlisted soldiers in the Turkish military. This paramilitary force was all over the country on the night of the coup and the following days, conducting drills on behalf of President Erdoğan. This trial run mobilization was successful, and it means Erdoğan will be able to use them much more effectively in the future when they were called upon to crush political opponents or to quell civil unrest. SADAT’s name again resurfaced at October 2016 within the context of a staged mutiny and false escape plan in prisons that hold political prisoners and critics of Erdoğan. According to reports, SADAT militants will launch a killing spree in prisons under the pretext of an orchestrated escape plan plotted by Erdoğan’s operatives.
  • Some reports of arrested officers have revealed that they saw people with military uniforms who do not actually look like regular Turkish military. There are also reports of transportation of some heavy infantry weaponry in İstanbul to Ankara to AKP Youth Centers.

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